Q: Can I make changes to my account at anytime?

A: We have made the option available for you to adjust your own filters. However, when in doubt, please let us know. We’re here to help. As needed, you will always be able to pause your account as well.

Q: How soon will I start receiving leads?

A: Your account will typically be live within 24-48 hours however, the timeliness of lead deliverability directly correlates with the demographic profile and geography you select in your filters. If you accept leads from the whole State of California chances are good that you'll receive leads as soon as the account is set to active. If your filter set is limited to a handful of zip codes and age ranges then it could take time to deliver leads in that demographic.

Q: Can we control the flow of leads?

A: Yes, you can choose how many leads to receive in a given day.

Q: Can we stop the lead flow over a holiday, a vacation, or pause the account at anytime if we get backed up?

A: Yes, log into your account and pause the account.

Q: Will I get charged my deposit amount each month or automatically when my account reaches a certain balance?

A: If you deposited funds after 1/25/2012 then we will automatically replenish your account when your account goes below $50. If you would like to discontinue automatic billing please submit a support ticket here. or call us at 1-888-603-0515.

Q: What kind of closing ratio are you guys seeing from Agents?

A: It varies. Every Agent is different with regards to their product mix and sales process. We've had some Agents that are well-versed in working Internet leads and represent multiple Carriers close 20-30%. We believe that certain best-practices for working Internet leads should be followed. You'll need to contact the consumer as quickly as possible. Call on your leads 5-8 times per day and be sure to buy leads for your product mix. Don't buy leads of consumers aged 65+ if you don't have a final expense product.

Q: Where do you generate your leads from?

A: We have several web sites within our network of sites that you would find when searching online for life, health, and Medicare supplement insurance. We generate millions of impressions per day across our network of sites. Examples of sites to which we forward online traffic are coverageamerica.org and usacoverage.com. When a consumer reaches one of our sites, they complete a request form to be contacted by a licensed agent about quotes, submit their contact information, and provide their express opt-in to be contacted at this time.

Q: How are the leads sent to me?

A: You'll receive your leads via email. Please note, some email systems can block automated emails such as our lead delivery so be sure to set up multiple email addresses when building your account.

Q: Are your leads fresh?

A:Yes, they are delivered to you when they come in. There is no delay, these are not old or aged leads.

Q: What are the payment options?

A: You can pay via American Express, Mastercard, Discover or Visa.

Q: If I don't receive a lead through email can I request a refund?

A: Unfortunately no. There are email service providers that will block our lead email. If your email provider is sensitive to what it blocks you will need to set up an additional email address in your account. We would also suggest adding leads@leadstoclose.com to your “safe-sender” list in your e-mail program and to check for new leads by logging into your account and view your leads page.

Q: How do you define a bogus lead?

A: A bogus lead is a wrong phone number, a consumer that does not acknowledge that they have filled out a quote request, a disconnected or fax number. To manage our quality, we do follow up on all refund requests.

--- Q: Are there any time limitations to lead refunds?

A:Yes, in order to receive timely feedback on lead quality and process returns, we do require that all returns are submitted for credit within one week (7 days) of delivery.

Q: Is there a cap to the number of returns I could request?

A: Yes, based on our experience, we have set a generous cap to the available returns. Once you hit this cap, you will no longer be able to make additional returns until your total return level drops below the cap. If you are confident you have received invalid leads and are not able to receive a credit for them, please contact us and we will look into the matter further.

Q: What are the implications of one of these leads being on the Do Not Call Registry?

A: None. By completing the request form, a consumer is providing their express written permission to contact a consumer. As such, this permission over-rides any DNC listing for a period of 90 days.

Q: Is the lead info verified?

A: There is no seamless way to ensure that 100% of lead info submitted by the consumer will provide you with a working telephone number for that consumer. That is why we provide you the opportunity to request return credits for invalid leads.