Leads Designed for Insurance Agents Our lead packages are customized based on what you sell and how you sell.

Most insurance lead companies provide cookie-cutter solutions for generating business. At LeadsToClose, we understand that not all agents are the same. Factors we consider when building your lead program include:

* Do you sell insurance over-the-phone or face-to-face? An agent who sells over-the-phone should consider a higher-volume lead package. A higher volume/lower price option allows you to qualify and work more leads at a lower cost.

* Are you captive to a particular carrier or do you represent multiple carriers? Typically, a captive agent has a limited product mix and is unable to provide a shopping comparison option. For this reason, lead-to-sales conversations are lower and you should consider a lower-cost option to get a higher ROI.

lead consultant

We design lead packages for Insurance
Agents. Our online lead consultant
takes into consideration what you sell
and how you sell it.

What They Say About Us:

"You guys are the only honest and fair company in the industry. All other companies have much to learn from you."


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