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The LeadsToClose insurance lead packages are designed for Agents that want to maximize their return-on-investment. Each package is different and caters to different types of workflow, commission structures and product mixes.

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Premium Plus


Standard Package

The Standard Lead Program is a great solution for those looking for an affordable life insurance referral. Lead prices are extremely affordable and offer great "door opener" opportunities.

Who should buy this package?

P&C Agents, this is a perfect package to generate additional auto and home sales. Consumers generally shop for auto insurance every 1.5 to 3 years, additionally most shoppers will request quotes from multiple Carriers. It makes no sense to spend money on expensive auto insurance leads when chances are these consumers will be shopping based on price and there is a potential they may not stay in-force to earn long-term residual commissions. Work these affordable leads as a door opener and upsell your life and health products. Filters are limited but include the ability to filter leads based on County, Driver's Age, and Insured in the past 30 days.

Life & Health Agents with a limited product mix or low commissions then this is the best option for you. High-end life insurance leads should only be worked if you are able to quote multiple carriers and your earning potential is significant. Filters for life leads include the ability to filter based on County and Age. For health leads choose a consumers County, and Age..

Premium & Premium Plus Packages

The Premium Programs are similar in that they both provide a more targeted and engaged consumer referral. Lead prices are more expensive than the Standard Program and are designed to increase your efficiencies so you spend more time selling and less time prospecting.

Who should buy this package?

P&C Agents that represent multiple carriers, generate generous commissions and have great response times should consider this lead package. Call Centers and Brokers that sell over the phone or face-to-face can benefit from this lead type if they're well versed in working Internet leads in a timely manner. Filter options include County, Age, Insured in past 30 days, DUI, SR-22 Filing, Credit Rating, Marital Status, Residential Status and License Status.

Life & Health Agents with the ability to compare multiple Carrier products and pricing and those earning generous commissions should consider this lead package. Filters for life leads include County, Consumers Age, Face Amount, and Unisurability based on health conditions or a high BMI. For health insurance leads you can filter based on a consumers County, the consumers Age and whether or not they qualify as Uninsurable.